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  We were rather surprised when last year we took stock of the ongoing postgraduate courses and discovered that there were 40 different programmes being conducted under the aegis of Assumption University. Graduate studies were established from time to time in response to market conditions and also by the demand of coteries of students with special needs and interests. The clamor for new courses is still growing as evidenced by advertisements appearing in the local media and sporadic reports of recruitment teams being dispatched from countries such as the United States and Australia.

  People everywhere are now aware of the high value of education which was succinctly and prophetically pronounced as follows by the renowned British author and seer H.G. Wells in his book, “The Outline of History” published in 1920:

  “Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe”.

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  On the whole Thailand has done fairly satisfactorily in the context of educational expansion and growth for which we can proudly cite the landmark “National Education Act of 1999” and the proliferation of higher education institutions allover the country.

  The publication of a separate bulletin covering graduate courses only is timely and appropriate and it will fill the need of students to have a new reference book that provides details of specific programmes. I wish to add for I the the information of students making a reconnaissance of higher education institutions that our programmes and text materials are frequently reviewed, revised and updated and our faculty are experienced and well aware of the obsolescence of the rote system and introduction of the new concepts such as that teachers are no longer the sources of wisdom, dispensers of knowledge and transmitters of culture as managers of the learning process and that excellence comes from rigorous and repeated exercise in thinking, feeling, deciding and doing significant things. In fact we demand absolute hard work and education from our students and require that they stretch their talents, abilities, exert their bodies and minds and wills to the utmost in accordance with principles propounded by new management gurus such as Gaby A. Mendoza et al.


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易三仓大学|Assumption University
  • 院校名称:易三仓大学
  • 学校类型:大学大学
  • 建校时间:1969年
  • 本国排名:10全球排名:0
  • 学生人数:25000人
  • 地理位置:泰国曼谷
  • 院校地址:16/10 Moo 2, Taweewattana,Bangkok 10160 THAILAND
  • 中文介绍:http://school.ailiuxue.com/th/Assumption/
  •   易三仓大学Assumption University(易三仓大学) 位于泰国首都曼谷,是泰国第一所国际大学,也是泰国最早采用全英语教学的高等学府。它始创于1969年,由致力于世界教育和... [详细介绍]

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